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Rhapsody Merchandising services

The RMS Service is designed for food brands to monitor their product placement and availability on store shelves. It combines multiple operations into one centralized system, making it easier for brands to keep track of their products.

Business Benefits

Retail Planning & Execution

Opting for retail execution can be a defining point for any manufacturing business. It allows the true representation of the company's strategy in retail establishments while enabling brands to showcase their core values.

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Route Optimization

Route optimization helps customers get the fastest, accurate and most inexpensive order delivery by ensuring the driver's optimal route and efficient task stops along the way.


Perfect Store Implementation

The goal of store implementation is to employ strategies that attract and satisfies its customers. A perfect store implementation has all these key factors to present products at the right time, place, and location to influence purchasing behavior in the best possible way.

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The Used Technolgies

RMS software can be built using various programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and data modeling tools such as Oracle SQL Developer. Our team of experts has created Halo, a customized CRM solution using PHP Laravel for the backend and JavaScript and CSS for the frontend. Their proficiency in UX and UI design ensures a seamless user experience.

The Challenges

Our merchandiser's presence is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of our outlets. That's why we've implemented a location tracking system to ensure that the merchandiser is always on-site. With this system in place, we can monitor the real-time location of our merchandisers and guarantee that they are at the right place, at the right time, to meet the needs of our customers. This measure ensures that our customers always have access to a knowledgeable and professional representative, resulting in a seamless and satisfactory shopping experience.

RMS Admin Panel

a web-based interface designed for merchants to manage and organize their merchandise. It is a central hub that provides administrative access to a company's products, categories, and other sales-related information. With the CPanel, merchandisers can easily manage product data, pricing, inventory, and shipping options. The interface is user-friendly and designed to streamline the merchandising process, making it easier for merchants to sell their products online. Additionally, the CPanel provides detailed reports and analytics to help merchants track their sales and make informed decisions about their merchandise.

RMS Application

The RMS Service provides a centralized system for food brands to track their product placement and availability on store shelves. The service is accessible through an app for employees and a dashboard for management, streamlining operations and making it easier for brands to keep track of their products. The service helps food brands optimize their operations through our trustworthy employees

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Tailored to meet the individual needs of your retail business, our RMS software helps streamline merchandising operations. With advanced features and an intuitive interface, it enables you to work efficiently and effectively. Schedule a free demo now.