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Agile Software development

Methodology of Agile Software development

In the 1990s, software developers spent hours to days perfecting software for creating functional applications. The job was tiring and time-consuming, and one small mistake could ruin the project. It’s human nature we don’t like to get stuck in the same loop, right? So you can guess what must have happened next. A few software developers put their heads together to devise a more flexible and profitable methodology. Today we know that methodology as The Agile Software Development Methodology. Agile software development proved its worth and is now widely used to create efficient applications in record time. According to a survey, the agile software development methodology has a 64% success rate, and the traditional software development methodology has a success rate of only 49%. If you still aren’t contemplating switching to the agile methodology, stay with me because I am only getting started!

A brief description of the agile software development

We have established earlier that agile methodology is profitable, less time-consuming, and flexible. But how does this methodology make it all possible? The agile development method greatly emphasizes collaborations between the developer and the client and incremental development. Step-by-step release of the software allows flexibility and ensures minimum errors. Developers work simultaneously on different aspects of the software and deliver fully functional software within weeks. Many companies outsource their expertise to brands and businesses and provide them with possible solutions. One such company is Scalex in Dubai, which provides its clients with web development, software development, and application development services. The professionals at Scalex aim to use the latest technologies, such as Agile, to produce desirable applications,

What is the Agile Manifesto?

Agile methodology has a manifesto at its core. This manifesto has four core values at its backbone that support the whole software development technique.

  • This software development method values individual interactions and effective communication over the development process. At Scalex, professionals know the importance of communication and work harmoniously to overcome any problem.
  • Do you want to read pages and pages of boring information, or do you need fully functional software? I am sure it’s the latter. The agile manifesto instructs the developers to focus on the final product rather than documenting useless information.
  • Previously software development outsourcing was contract based. After briefing the developer about your needs, you had to trust the developer to cover all bases. The agile methodology changed that. Collaborations and insights are welcomed in this technique to nip the problems in the buds.
  • It’s flexible like a gymnast! As we know, the agile manifesto allows close working with the clients reducing the chance of mistakes.

Examples of the agile software development methods

Various forms of agile development methods are present in the market and simultaneously used after judging the type of task at hand. A few examples of agile methodologies are as follows.


According to recent research, 61% of software developers globally use scrum to develop software. Using this method, developers form software in short sprints and hold meetings daily to pinpoint their shortcomings and progress.


A visual representation of the tasks at hand is the approach used in the Kanban method. The developers display the stages of each process and focus on rectifying their mistakes rather than completing the project. The famous Pixer animation uses this method to keep track of their manufactured goods and identify faults.

Extreme programming

As the name suggests, this method relies on the continuous production of the working software, and it is only possible through close collaboration between the developing team and the client. Famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft use this method.

Crystal Method

This method promotes communication among the developers sharing the same space and project. Developers deal with each project separately and believe every project has its characteristics.

Benefits of Agile Software Development for Businesses

  • Agile development allows fast delivery of functioning software. This software then helps get products out to the public in real-time.
  • The market trends change with the wind. Businesses try to stay on top of their game by changing their products and services according to customer needs. The agile method allows brands to make quick changes and help them retain their position in the market.
  • The main goal is to satisfy customers, isn’t it? The agile development method delivers changes readily hence providing customers with desirable services. Indirectly these changes help increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.


This method promotes communication among the developers sharing the same space and project. Developers deal with each project separately and believe every project has its characteristics.