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Best Mobile Application Development Company

Becoming the best mobile application development company in Dubai requires a great skill set and vast knowledge of the subject. Application development was introduced in 1983 by Steve Jobs. Since then, app development has gone through many changes and has become vital for all businesses to function seamlessly. Mobile applications have become extremely popular among the youth and a study shows that 21% of millennials open apps 50 times a day.
Mobile application development is a lengthy process in which computer programs are developed to execute various tasks for businesses. These tasks can range from simple calculations to complex charts depicting sales reports. Mobile applications have made business dealings easy for businesses by automating the whole process efficiently.

Mobile Application Development

Types of Application Development Methodologies

All companies use three types of methodologies to develop applications. All three methods are based on similar steps that are necessary for app development

• Waterfall

This method is called a waterfall because everything goes downhill. Once a step is done it cannot be undone. This technique requires extensive planning and sequencing. The business owner comes up with an explicit plan and the manager makes a list of how the app will work. After building the app it is tested several times before introducing to the customers. The app developer works closely and carefully to minimize the chance of error. This app development method is best for long-time business plans. One major setback of this method is that the market changes rapidly nowadays. There is less to no chance of variation in this method.

• Rapid Application Development Method (RAD)

As the name suggests this method evolves all the time. The goal of this method is to create an application in less time. The developer and the customer stay engaged to enhance the quality of the application over time. This method is more effective than the waterfall method. Sudden changes can be incorporated without hesitation. A drawback of this technique is that it can be time-consuming over time because the main goal is to improve the quality. The developers depend greatly on customers for feedback and sometimes people do not know what’s best for them.

• Agile Methodology

The agile development method focuses on a single task at one time. The developers take a single feature and develop it to its full potential before releasing it. This technique resembles RAD but is more effective. The app developers are highly skilled and try to deliver high-quality features in a short time.

Steps Involved in App Development

All three types of app development use these steps to develop a high-quality application. These steps include.

Steps Involved in App Development

• Planning

The first step of planning is to scan the trends in the market and determine if the idea is practically implementable. Planning includes all the questions related to who will be the target audience, where will the app be available, and what is the chance of success of the app. The panning phase requires skill and devotion. The app developers create a map of the plan to avoid problems in the future

• Prototype Formation

A prototype of the app containing just the major functions of the app is released to the public to check its popularity. Customer feedback is used as a guide to gradually improve the quality of the app.

• Designing

Slightly more refined prototypes are formed in this step. These prototypes present the theme of the brand to make it stand out. A marketing strategy is also laid out on how to promote the app through social media and television.

• Development

The app enters the final stage of development in this step. A final prototype of the app is formed. The three methodologies are used in this method. A developer knows by now what the public demands and try to use all his knowledge in creating the app.

• Testing

Testing and development go hand in hand. Testing ensures the proper working of the app. Testing is also beneficial for the maintenance of an app. The developer can compare previous test results with the current situation to identify the problem.

• Release

The app is introduced to the public. The developer uses customer feedback to regularly update the application by adding more features.

• Maintenance

Maintenance requires constant attention. Developers keep an eye out for any bugs or problems that might arise during the functioning of an app. ScaleX provides a platform for new and old companies to expand their businesses globally. They use a highly skilled workforce to develop high-quality mobile applications.