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Is Flutter likely to replace Java for Android app development?

There has been a lot of debate over whether flutter can replace java for android app development. Before jumping into the subject, it’s essential to know what java and flutter are. Java is the beginning of the programming era. It is a programming language that was and is still used to make various cross-platform mobile applications. On the other hand, flutter is not a language but a tool that helps develop cross-platform applications. Google introduced Flutter to the world, and the goal is to serve humans using modern technology.

What are "cross-platform" applications?

The applications work on various Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. Minor changes are needed to get these applications working on all platforms.

Why is Flutter better than Java?

Java was introduced to the world in 1995. It’s known as the father of programming because it began app development. But alas, it couldn’t be enough. Java takes a long time to develop an app. It wore the crown for a long time until flutter came to the scene. Flutter is relatively new, as it came to the scene in 2017. It works efficiently and develops an app fully in approximately two months requiring only one developer.

Java is still at the core of many apps. Applications loved by all, for example, Twitter and Spotify, have Java programming. Java writes lengthy and complex yet secure codes for mobile applications. On the other hand, flutter uses Dart programming language. The beauty of flutter is that it uses existing codes to form applications. The world demands quick service, and Flutter provides it. It’s simple, fun, and convenient.

Flutter has given a chance to developers to use their time on more technical aspects of the app. It facilitates the user by providing material designs and an impressive User Interface. How is it possible, you ask? Well, the flutter IU design tool is simple to use. A person with minimum practice can use the tool to develop an impressive app. Now if we talk about Java, the king is about security and programming. It does not let the programmer beautify the app.

To sum it up, nobody can deny the importance of Java, but it’s losing the race. No company wants to spend months developing just the prototype of an app. Flutter is becoming popular by the day. It provides UI designs and takes less time. According to a survey, 93% of the developers have embraced Flutter with open arms. The Flutter framework comes 4th in the race for the best mobile application development.

Benefits of Flutter

Companies are taking full advantage of Flutter. Some popular companies that use Flutter are Google Pay, Toyota, BMW, Alibaba, eBay, etc. Some of these benefits are as follows.

Quick as Flash

Flutter is the flash of the programming world. It delivers top-notch apps in real-time. It is only possible because Flutter allows the developer to make changes in the code while the application runs in the background. The changes made are visible without restarting the app. This feature is widely famous as hot reload.

Instant UI Designs

Companies know what looks beautiful sells readily. Flutter has tools to give an app a superior UI design. These UI designs may be for a food delivery app, brand products, login page, or profile page. You name it, and Flutter has it!

It Uses Dart Programming Language

Dart language is what makes Flutter the flash. It arranges codes and doesn’t need software installations to run. Talk about convenience, eh!

Master of Language

Flutter supports several languages, minimizing the chance of a language barrier and allowing companies to go global.


Fast cross-platform app development is possible with Flutter. Entrepreneurs adore higher profits and top-tier apps that develop quickly. Flutter has in-built testing options for widgets, unit testing, and integration testing. Flutter uses and reuses codes that help reduce testing costs.

Flutter Widgets

The widget state decides how the UI will look. Widgets are like bricks. Alone, they don’t have much value, but once they form a configuration, they form application graphics.

How is Flutter helping its users?

Various businesses are using Flutter to create apps for their customers. 95% of Flutter’s codebase is reusable, which makes it popular among businesses. Companies can form high-quality apps all thanks to Flutter, and the hot reload option of Flutter is the cherry on top! It provides a UI that can fit any screen, which helps businesses have a vast customer base.